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Just Beachy

It’s been a sweet and sour week of fun in the sun.

A beachy time

Me, my family and my guy friend, along with his son vacationed together for a week in Garden City, South Carolina. Oh the beach was glorious and all the mommy-son time was magical! These sweet things will be dearly missed, however there was a sour side to the week. You know it, the guy friend! Of course, the vacation was planned months ago and at that time I was optimistic about this relationship. But as time passed, the lack of chemistry became undeniably obvious to me.

Therefore, as this vacation comes to an end so shall this relationship. It should have ended a month or two ago but with the reservations made and the deposit paid in full, it would have been very difficult to throw a break-up in the mix. Nonetheless, the concoction is sour and must be exposed. So, here I am, riding down the freeway in deep thought regarding breakup techniques. It is so difficult to be honest in a situation like this. I don’t want to hurt his feelings but I don’t want to drag it out any longer either.

How have you broken it off in the past when the other one is still interested?

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