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Journaling – On or Offline?

Keeping a journal is becoming more and more important to me. I need to record my thoughts. I want to learn from my own past mistakes, failures, achievements. Finally, I want my son to one day read my journals and learn important lessons. This last reason causes me some conflict about the method of choice for my journaling. Right now, I am utilizing WordPress for an online journal. In the past, I have kept handwritten journals. Which of these would my son most likely read? Will he be able to access and see my online journal 20 or 30 or even 40 years from now? What will happen to my WordPress journal when I am dead and gone?

While researching this issue, I found a short but helpful site discussing these same concerns. The post referred me to LegacyLocker.com, a website offering a way to pass on your online property when you pass on. I have not fully researched this service yet, but from my initial observation, I am hopeful it is just what I need. It even mentions passing on my Facebook account. I had not thought of this but yes, I want my son to have my Facebook account once I am dead and gone. For me, Facebook has been a daily record of my life for a couple of years now. It is packed full of photos from the birth of my son to now. He would value this, I hope.

Being assured that I can pass on my online property now leaves me with even more questions. What will become of Facebook 20 or 30 or even 40 years from now? Will my account still be there to actually pass on to my son? How about WordPress? If either of these sites shut down, then what will happen to all the information about my life? Will it all go down with the sites themselves? Is there a way to protect my information if these sites become obsolete? These concerns prompt me to consider reverting back to handwritten journals. I’m just not sure. More research is required.

Growing Old

We are born. We grow as children until we become a fully matured adult. Then we begin to die. Slowly we grow older and older. There is no other way in this life. Death will happen to each of us. We cannot stop the hands of time.

With this in mind, how very hopeless it would be to live life believing this “is it!” How very unfair all the trials and suffering we must endure if this life were our only destiny. I thank God it is not. He said, because I live ye shall live also. He promised us an eternal life with Him in Heaven. This life is only a flash in time compared to the eternal life we are promised.

Today, we are moving my Great Aunt Jean into our home. Her health is failing and she can no longer care for herself. We are the closest family she has since she never had children of her own. Her options are either a nursing home or our house. And, although nursing homes are great in theory, we all know that the patients are not cared for as well as they should be. So, in her last years of life, we hope to provide her a little comfort and love.

Going from a three-person household (including a toddler) to a four-person household (with a toddler and an elderly person) is going to be a big adjustment for everyone. To be perfectly honest, I’m slightly scared. My fear simply stems from the unknown. I don’t know exactly what to expect. I’ve never been in this situation before and it’s scary. So, I must step-back and remember that I have no reason to be afraid because God is with me. He will provide. Upon His promise, I believe and I am comforted. I will not dread today. I will rejoice and be glad of today.


*The picture above is not of Aunt Jean but is of my dad’s Aunt Ima. I don’t have any pics of Aunt Jean, yet.

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