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Where Are You (What Aisle #)?


Where are you? I’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting. You are so late! How in the world will we ever catch up?

I’ve been looking for love and ultimately, a husband, to no avail. I tried the online dating adventure and have met several men but no husband material. My most recent experience with online dating was disappointing. Actually he seemed very promising in the beginning. In fact, after our first in person meet up, I announced to my family that I had met my husband. Yes, I know, I jumped the gun just a little. He was educated, smart, cute, funny and he wanted more children. He had a nice home and had already retired from the military (at age 39). He appeared to be a really good catch. Our first couple of dates went really great. Then came the first offense.

My prospective husband asked me politely to join him one evening for a simple date. I politely declined and explained that I had too much going on but would love to another night. This led to him declaring that I am only busy because I make my life busy. That’s right, how could I possible be busy? I work 40 hours per week and am the single parent of a toddler! But in his eyes, my life should not be so busy. Mr. “prospective husband” quickly turned into Mr. “de-facebooked” and Mr. “no more information required”, I was done with him and with online dating for a while. That was 2 months ago.

Since then, I’ve stepped back and reflected on my wants and needs in the husband department. I’m confident in knowing exactly what I am looking for. I’m just lacking confidence in where to find him. At my age (40), is the internet the best and most practical place to look? Should I pay the membership fee and sign up for one of the more “elite” online match-making services? My personal preference would be to meet someone by introduction of friends. However, that hasn’t happened yet and probably won’t. The club scene isn’t even an option. I’m done with going to clubs. They only make me feel old and out-dated (no pun intended). My only other options are church, the grocery store or a chance encounter. First, the church that I attend is very small and does not have any single men. It would be a sin to take another woman’s husband, especially at church, right? Just kidding. I’m betting that the grocery store will never pan out either. I’m yet to find the aisle for husbands and every time I ask the little boy putting away the stock, he looks at me like I’m crazy.

In all seriousness, I really do want a husband. I want a companion for myself and a daddy for my son. I want a family. I’m not a bad catch if I do say so myself. I’m educated. I’m attractive. People always mistake me for being much younger than I am. (That’s right, I’m going to brag a little.) I have a really good personality. I’m adventurous and fun. Somebody better snag me up quick, uh? Perhaps he’s out there. Perhaps he just read this blog. Then again, perhaps he’s at the grocery store.

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